Hello My People!

Well, I know expatted is not really a word, but I’m not going to be handing this in to a professor.  To me, It seems like a pretty accurate description of my state as I have recently become an expatriate in Korea to teach English for a year in the Seoul suburb of Suji.

And if you think about it An Expatted Journey sounds like the title of that long-awaited prequel to the Lord of the Rings that is coming out sometime in the next year or two, and will  be called An Unexpected Journey, although based on The Hobbit. Actually, the plot is almost exactly the same as mine.  Basically, its about some big guy known for being The White (By  the way, Witten actually means The White in Dutch, so just like Gandalf, the name goes beyond skin color) , who encounters this fascinating race of slightly half-sized people somewhat isolated from the world and the adventures that follow.

So enough about that. I am actually planning on writing some actual adventures and insights into the language and culture of Korea in the near future. I would love it if you join me in this journey by reading this blog, and keep me posted with comments or emails, as I want to stay updated with your life as well.


About mwitster

Blogged about teaching English and language learning in Korean and the Middle East. Now, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, hope to post some new info and possibly reflections from private practice.
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6 Responses to Hello My People!

  1. Simon Neville says:

    That is rad my friend. Im certainly excited to read more!

  2. Andrea Z says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog! Although the cultures we will be living in are vastly different, I’m sure we’ll have quite a few similar “culture shock” experiences this next year. If you ever want someone to Skype with who is closer to your time zone, just let me know! (Or teaching tips and ideas)

  3. derek says:

    I’ll have you know that I actually suspected the Hobbit reference before you so kindly explained it. Which, when you think about it is truly amazing seeing that ‘expatted’ actually sounds not that much like ‘unexpected,’ and in fact doesn’t even have the same amount of syllables. Must be some kind of brotherly connection.

    • mwitster says:

      Excellent job tracking the somewhat elusive Hobbit reference in the title, although I should mention you can at least get it to sound like “unexpected journey” if you compare with “an expatted journey.”

  4. Gail says:

    I love your hobbit analogy, Michael. Look forward to hearing more.

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