Korean Speech Contest

As I mentioned before, I was taking Korean classes at Dankook University here in Suji, Korea. At the end we had a speech contest, so I hope you will enjoy watching my submission if you click on the youtube link.


By the way, I added some subtitles so you can follow along a number of different ways. First, If you are a Korean or have learned 한글 you can see the actual Korean script. Second if you are learning Korean or want to get a glimpse of how different Korean grammar is, you can see the word-for-word translation. Third, there is a romanization of what I’m saying in Korean. And fourth there is a natural English equivalent, which is similar to how I originally wrote up the speech.

There’s also a slideshow that accompanied the speech, but I haven’t figured out if I can add pictures to the video yet, so currently you can’t really see the slides that go with the speech.

I have to thank some Korean friends that helped me with some editing and pronunciation. But still, I’m curious about what parts might sound natural or not to native Korean speakers? And what does it sound like to non-Korean speakers too?


About mwitster

Blogged about teaching English and language learning in Korean and the Middle East. Now, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, hope to post some new info and possibly reflections from private practice.
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5 Responses to Korean Speech Contest

  1. Vania says:

    That was amazing!!! Poor Leo.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Mike, I enjoyed listening to your Korean speech. It sounds really cool! (It also reminded me of riding the donkeys at your house several years ago!) The sentence structure seems similar to Japanese, but it sounds really different. It seems like you are learning really quickly…good job!

  3. Anno says:

    I like your speech! You definitely got much more reaction from the audience then when I tried ages ago. . .How long have you been studying?

  4. mwitster says:

    Thanks Anno, Ya, much of the audience came from the Levels 3,4,5 Korean classes, and I’m in level 2, so it was pretty easy for them to undersand. I’ve been studying for a couple years, but I’ve been here in SK for six months.

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