Test of Korean or Western Identity

So let’s see if this works. I’ve been trying it on my students, who have sometimes been quite fascinated. But anyways,  this test applies to people with a somewhat mixed cultural identity.  Many of my Korean friends were either born in North America, lived in North America for a few years, or spent a lot time studying English. That results in a somewhat mixed identity. Potentially it gives a person two different lenses in which to see the world. But what is their true identity? Perhaps they don’t even know. Similarly for expats

like myself, we begin to study Korean language and pick up Korean mannerisms and customs. Are we gradually getting more Koreanized, resulting in cultural “bifocals.” But what is our strongest focus?

Anyways, instead of trying to quantify Koreanness or Westerness with mere numbers. (i.e. 2.4 generation Korean-American, expat for 4 years, etc) This test will (ideally) just reveal directly your Koreannessor Westernness. (or if you don’t see anything, perhaps I need to tweak my test a little bit yet). Perhaps you will see right through the test I have devised, in which case the test is not subtle enough yet, or you are truly bi-cultural.

Anyways, look at what I wrote below and write in the comments what you think it means.  What is your first impression? Or if you already looked, what was your first impression?

Okay, here is another one that I think has a clearer meaning in both languages. Anyone able to see it both ways?


About mwitster

Blogged about teaching English and language learning in Korean and the Middle East. Now, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, hope to post some new info and possibly reflections from private practice.
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7 Responses to Test of Korean or Western Identity

  1. Gord Stock says:

    With my 10 Generation Korean background (only on one side though) I think what you wrote is Michael… Not sure if it’s the same one who rowed the boat ashore, though!!! Allejulia!

  2. Mark says:

    Sloppy writing?

  3. jen says:

    I see Korean… directly. does it mean that i am koreannessor?

  4. Gord Stock says:

    This is Ruth,
    does the second one say, chosen ?

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