More Student Goodbye Letters and Blackmail

Four more of my favorite goodbye letters from the students in my last month. Some of them wrote about things they want me to remember about Korea. Some wrote in Korean to try to encourage me to continue studying Korean, and others found opportunity to let out some 8 year old angst.

1. I liked this one because she actually wrote in perfect formal Korean. After seeing thousands of grammar errors in English all year, it reminds me that they are not languageslobs. Also they sometimes try to speak in casual Korean to me even though I usually catch it. Its very clear writing and no slang, so I can read almost all of it. Just what is 과연이결 and 열정으로? If anyone cares to translate.

2. Random foods of Korea that I am not supposed to forget. “The ribs.” Pretty funny.

3.Tom is actually a pretty fun student, but a couple classes ago he started complaining that I only like the girls in his class.  It really cracked me up. Actually, he kind of has a point. The girls are angels in that class, and the boys are all whiners like him.

“From. Michael Teacher
Michael teacher you is very very very bad. You like gril(girls). You don’t like boys. But you like Brian and Tony. You minus me stamp too. You is very very Bad.
To. Tom”


4. Great pictures of the national food of Korea and the national flower along with a random drawing of a baby.

“What a delicious and spicy kimchi”


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Blogged about teaching English and language learning in Korean and the Middle East. Now, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, hope to post some new info and possibly reflections from private practice.
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2 Responses to More Student Goodbye Letters and Blackmail

  1. bellacorea says:

    ‘과연(really or indeed) 이걸(이것을=this)읽으실 수 있을지 모르겠네요’ means that I am not sure that you can read or understand exactly what I’m writing here. ‘그동안 저에게 열정으로(passnated or enthusiastic) 영어가르쳐주셔서 감사하고, 잊지않을꼐요’ = I appreciate your enthusiasm for teaching English and will remember you forever! haha she is so adorable and polite as you said above.. I have a feeling that she must be smart,too! I can see it through her letter for you! You must be a good English teacher as well! maybe not for boys though! ;-D My English is not perfect but I hope it helps you to understand a bit more!

  2. mwitster says:

    Awesome, thanks for your excellent translating! She’s actually a pretty quiet student. Well, apparently she was having fun secretly. if i come to korea again, i would want to converse with the students much more freely. I actually learned a lot about korean culture and history from my students already.

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